Vivian is a wonderful little girl! This beauty is loyal and super affectionate. She prefers to follow you everywhere— just to be by your side. Vivian is laid-back and very low maintenance— will do wonderful with any size family. We think she would do best with another dog as she doesn't like to be alone and it will help her to have a companion. Vivian is a great choice If you are looking to add a second doggie to your household. Check out her full bio to see if she might be right for you:

Age: 1 1/2 yrs old
Weight: 50 lbs (approximate)

Demeanor: Sweet and loving little lady, low-energy, outgoing and social, submissive with other dogs, super affectionate.

Likes: She LOVES a good belly rub. Car rides, children, great with other dogs. Enjoys fetch (doesn’t always bring back) and Kong toys with peanut butter. Has not been cat tested.

Manners: Very well mannered, house and leash trained. Crate training is a work in progress as Vivian has some crate anxiety (does well with getting in the crate, but once you shut the door she starts panting and barking- will settle after a while). Knows “sit”.

Fenced Yard Required: No. However, we are hoping to find a home for Vivian where her crate time will be limited as it seems a struggle for her to get over her crate anxiety and she is not hyperactive or destructive.