Looking for a face that will melt your heart? Sophie is movie-star gorgeous with a muscular chest and slender, petite frame. She is extremely affectionate and does great with other dogs and cats- seems to be submissive. Sophie is more than just a pretty face though- she is so well mannered and perfect with house and crate training. She LOVES to do the zoomies with her hind-end tucked. Once she winds up at your feet, she looks up as if to say....did you see me? She came all the way to NC from Houston after being stuck in boarding for several months. We really want to find this angel a special home— Could that be you? Check out her full bio to see if she is the right fit for your family.

Age: 2

Weight: 35 lbs

Health: Great

Demeanor: Extremely affectionate- loves to give kisses! Does great with other dogs- submissive. Medium energy- can get the zoomies, but calms right down. Does not live with cats, but did fantastic with cat test--(shows no prey drive and seems a little scared of them!). Has not been tested with small children.

Likes: Toys, car rides, nyla bones, and chasing the ball (doesn’t always bring back).

Dislikes: Loud voices-makes her shy and timid.

Manners: House trained, crate trained—does exceptionally well. She will go right in when told and will also go rest in it. Leash walking is a work in progress- pulls a little. Know’s “sit” is learning “down”.

Fenced Yard Required: Yes- possibly negotiable. This girl spent several months in boarding and she deserves a chance to run free.