Looking for a happy-go-lucky puppy?  How about a best friend to take hiking?  Meet River- a super snuggly pup, who happily lives up to his name and LOVES water! He is sweet, playful, polite and doing great at learning the ropes to becoming a proper gentleman. Check out his bio to see if he might be right for you:

Age: 4 months

Weight: 30 pounds

Demeanor: low to medium energy level, affectionate, great with other dogs and cats!

Likes: water (kiddie pools), sticks, soft blankets, snuggles, car rides, young children. Favorite toy = Hol-ee-Roller Ball with crinkle-sound ball inside

Manners: Polite- will quietly wait forever for treats! Crate trained. Has almost perfected house and leash training.