Who is looking for a super affectionate girl that loves to give sweet, puppy kisses? While little miss Nala is timid at first, she becomes very social with people (including the little ones), other dogs and cats once she feels safe and comfortable.

Here’s what Nala’s foster family has to say about her: We call her our “itty bitty pocket pitty”, because it is clear she is never going to be a big girl. She is soooo brave, even while she is fearful of everything outside of her trusted place— while her tail might be tucked, her head is up and her ears are cocked in curiosity. It is wonderful to watch her learn about new places and experiences. She has the most beautiful honey colored eyes, and the goofiest big ears that like to stick out sideways from her head when she is excited. She is one of those pups that will look like a puppy forever. One of our favorite things about her is her love of snuggling. She will burrow her head under your arm, heave a big sigh, and then fall fast asleep. You can’t help but fall in love with her!

Age: 5 months

Weight: 19 lbs (not full grown)

Demeanor: Timid but willing to be brave with slow encouragement in the great big world outside of her trusted spaces. Medium energy – Can run, jump, and get crazy with the best of them (she’s a puppy!), but then very happy to curl up in a ball on your lap and just snuggle. Affectionate- Very, very affectionate… she loves her trusted people, and it doesn’t take long for someone to become a trusted person.

Likes: Loves car rides, young children, cats (she is good with cats, curious, but does not chase) and is great with other dogs. Very fond of squeaky toys, puppy teething toys, bones with p-nut butter and treats stuck inside of them. She is also learning tug of war.

Manners: Nala is making good progress with house training. She knows the command word, “go potty” when taken outside, but doesn’t yet know to “signal” when she needs to go. Currently, requires frequent potty walks to avoid accidents. She is crate trained and knows several verbal commands- including: no, come and, sit. Working on wait, (lie) down, and off. Leash walking is a work in progress—she’s not too keen about the leash at this time.

Fenced Yard Required: Not required, but preferred due to her fear of leash walking right now.