Who’s the smartest girl in her class? According to her foster mommy, Lulu is scary smart—able to learn a new command within minutes. This girl loves to learn and needs an outlet for her awesome brainpower. Lulu is also very affectionate— just sweet and an easy going pup. She loves other dogs and would make a great addition to any family. Check out her full bio to see if she might be right for your family.

Approximate Age: 6 months. 

Weight: 18 lbs

Demeanor: Very affectionate. Medium to high energy level- loves exercise. Submissive with other dogs. Outgoing and extremely social.

Likes: Car rides, other dogs— would love another playful dog for to live with. Fetch (doesn’t bring back), balls, nyla bones, squeaky toys.

Manners: House trained, crate trained. Several verbal commands including: sit, stay, down, off, come and we are working on leave it

Fenced Yard Required: if they don’t have a fenced in yard, daily walks are a must. She has a lot of energy and needs an outlet for it.