Attention Harry Potter fans! Who is looking for their very own house elf? Our Dobby is as close as a muggle family can get. This little guy is just about perfect— he's never far from your side, loves to cuddle, and is very smart. He is almost potty trained, is easily re-directed, and follows commands well for his age. Dobby is a playful, loving puppy and will blossom with loving guidance. Check out his bio to see if he might be right for you:

Age: 14 weeks 

Weight: 20lbs (not full grown)

Health: excellent 

Demeanor: Very outgoing with people and other dogs, submissive with bigger/older dogs. Medium to high puppy energy level. Very affectionate. Has not been cat tested at this time, but may be upon request.

Likes: chew toys, eating, sleeping, car rides, children. Dislikes? none that we've encountered!

Manners: Typical puppy and work in progress with- jumping, mouthing, leash walking and verbal commands. Doing great with potty training, on point for a puppy his age, no crate accidents but needs to be watched and taken outside often. Does great in his crate-sleeps all night, no potty accidents.

Fenced Yard Required: no