As her name suggests, Chili is one cool customer!  She is relaxed, easy-going and extremely gentle. She is a lover and a cuddle-bug! Chili gets along great with other dogs and is submissive. She likes to play, but is also content to lie around and makes a top-notch couch buddy. This girl is super sweet and overflowing with love to give! Check out her bio to see if she might be right for you:

Age:  4 Months

Weight: 24 pounds

Demeanor: Easy-going, shy, loving. Low to medium energy level. Social, but submissive. Super affectionate!  

Likes: Loves cuddles and quiet time, soft blankets, other dogs and cats.  Likes chew toys. Does great with children, but could be stressed by loud voices/rough handling.

Dislikes: Car rides- Tendency to be car sick…does best in front seat

Manners: Sweet, calm and timid. Crate trained. Has nearly perfected house training. Treat motivated- will blossom with loving guidance.

Fenced Yard Required: No, but not presently leash trained