Champ aka “Charming Champ”

Where should we start with this guy? His famous good looks? His manners? Champ is such a great pup!  He loves everyone including other dogs, children and cats. He is affectionate and submissive— would make a great addition to any household.  Check out his bio to see if he might be a good fit for your family:

Age: 1 year old

Weight: 45 pounds

Demeanor:   Friendly- loves everyone!, submissive, low to medium energy, social and affectionate.

Likes: Car rides-  Loves to go anywhere you go & will usually curl up in his bed in the back seat.  Also, treats, toys, fetch (a work in progress), lying in the sun and running in the backyard.

Manners: house trained, crate trained and leash trained!!! Champ is also doing great with verbal commands and knows: sit, down,  and kennel (sometimes he will go to the kennel when you tell him & sometimes you have to bribe him with a treat)

Fenced Yard Required?: Not required— but his foster mom recommends a fence “because he loves to run & play in the yard & really enjoys just lying outside in the sun”.