As a young buckaroo, “Bucky” found himself stray.  He survived for weeks on his own and eventually found his way to the wild bamboo behind his current foster parents’ backyard.  After lots of hotdog treats to gain his trust, Bucky let his fosters bring him inside. At first, it was thought that he would be unruly, but instead, he immediately went into in his crate without coaxing. Turns out, Bucky is already house trained, crate trained, and responds to commands.  He is very attached to his fosters and his best canine friend. He would likely prefer a house with other dogs. He is also very sweet with children. Check out his full bio to see if he might be right for your family:

Age: 1 year 

Weight: 55 lbs

Demeanor: Shy (at first), but friendly with people. Medium/high energy level. Submissive and VERY FRIENDLY with other dogs. Super affectionate once he trusts.

Likes: People, young children, dogs, toys/chewing. Loves to chase balls, but doesn’t bring back. VERY (maybe too?) interested in cats.

Unsure/anxious in the car.

Manners: house trained, LOVES his crate, knows “sit” and will come to a “whistle”. Work in progress with leash/harness walking.

Fenced Yard Required? Preferred, due to energy level.