Who is looking for the sweetest guy with THE cutest face? You know, that face that when he looks at you he seems innocent of any and all possible wrong-doing? Brody’s head is so large he almost looks like a panda or cartoon character.  He's a sweetheart and totally laid back. He is working on becoming a proper member of any household and shows so much promise! He will continue to blossom with loving guidance. Check out his full bio to see if he might be right for you:

Age: 3 yrs

Weight:  65 lbs

Demeanor: Doesn't know a stranger!  He's like a big goofy kid who doesn’t know his size. Very social and likes all other dogs. medium energy, submissive, Extremely affectionate- loves to give kisses!

Likes: car rides, other dogs (submissive), not that interested in toys at this time.

Manners: House trained. Working on perfecting crate training. Does fairly well on leash, but could work on his pulling.

Fenced yard- not necessarily, he’s lower energy and comes when called. Once he perfects leash walking, would be suitable for most environments.