Aurora is a sweet baby that is just a joy to have around! She is the total package— kind, loving, intelligent and mindful. Aurora loves water, her cushy bed and plush blankets. She is lots of fun and has perfect manners. Her foster family reports: “We can honestly say that we have never seen such a good baby.” Check out her full bio to see if she might be right for your family.

Age: 5 months

Weight: 21 pounds

Health: Excellent. Her coat is so soft and shiny, just like a mink and her eyes are so bright.

Demeanor: Sweet— just a kind little soul. She tries to please—very observant and respectful. Social and affectionate— a little love bug who will come running when called to get her hugs. Moderate energy level. Does well with other dogs- usually submissive.

Likes: car rides, other dogs, cats, children—very nice and friendly. LOVES fetch – even brings it back to you! Also likes stuffed animals, chew toys/elk antlers

Manners: House trained- totally trained and has never made a mess plus she signals by a letting out a little whine. If you don’t notice the whine the next signal is a louder whine or a bark, and if you still haven’t noticed and time is getting short, she will give scratch at the door. Very smart and wants to please. Crate trained and leash trained.

Fenced Yard Required: No, she does well on a leash.